Introducing Arlette Perez Aguirre

Let’s talk business! Let’s talk fashion! Let’s also talk self-improvement, travel, feminism, motherhood, relationships, and much more! Honestly, there is nothing that I’d like more than getting to know you all, wonderful readers and avid lovers of life!

Let me introduce myself - My name is Arlette, but you can call me Jo (short for Johanna). I am lover of all things life. Yes, you read that right. All things life. To me, life is a beautiful gift that we ought to cherish and enjoy until our very last breath. That being said, as a woman, I personally enjoy my freedoms and protest my limitations, those that are self-imposed and those that are imposed by the society we live in. But, I also like fashion and beauty and I love children! So, yes. I am a feminist that idolizes motherhood and children and keeps to traditionally female  - associated concepts such as fashion and beauty. A bit of a contradiction, I know. But if I had to describe myself in three words, they’d be creative, contradictory, and unique.

Seriously, though, I am an English and Philosophy major at the University of Houston. I have always loved the arts in all their shapes, forms, and sizes. I am an intern at EGMN, El Gato Media Network, since last year. And most importantly, I am an intern at Thinking Boutique in Houston, TX, which is how I obtained this great privilege and responsibility of reaching you, my dearest reader.

Now, that we know each other, let’s talk about us, dear reader. Let’s talk about our relationship. Here, at the Thinking Boutique and on this page, you’ll be free to express yourself. Is there something you want to talk about? Send me your ideas, comments, suggestions, and we’ll talk about it! Want special deals from the store and its affiliates? Keep yourself up to date for giveaways and coupons; maybe, for trivias, quizzes, and polls! Honestly, let’s have fun! Here, at Thinking Boutique, we aim to please you. We want you, dear reader, to meet, shop, and learn. Meet, gather, and declare who you are as women, shop with us, and learn along with the rest of us. So, let’s meet, shop, and learn here at the Thinking Boutique! 

Written by Arlette Perez Aguirre

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