Let's talk about earth day!

Written by Arlette Perez Aguirre

Hello, hello! To you and all! How has April treated you, so far? Hopefully, this past month of March and this new month of April haven’t treated you too roughly! Unless you’re a student, in which case, I empathize with you, my fellow hard worker. I know all too well that finals season is coming up - I know that “winter is coming.” Too soon? Sorry…

Anyway, this month of April, Thinking Boutique wants to focus on Earth Day! Mark your calendars, everyone! Earth Day 2018 falls on April 22nd! This is great and all, but there is one specific question left to answer - what is Earth Day?

According to EarthDay.org, “It is a day of political action and civic participation.” On April, 22nd, 2018, world and religious leaders plus individuals, like you, our dear readers, are going to protest and speak out against this year’s global initiative - to end plastic pollution.

Their campaign has four major points:

  • To lead a movement to support the regulation of plastic pollution
  • To globally educate and mobilize citizens to ask for environmental regulations
  • To globally educate citizens to perform individual actions that lead to a better environment
  • To promote local initiatives to control and end plastic pollution

At Thinking Boutique, we strive to be environmentally conscious, but what is most important, is that YOU, dear reader, become conscious about our environment. We shouldn’t only think about protecting our planet during this time of year, it should be something we do every single day.  It’s, for now, our only livable planet. The clothing industry still has much to do since fabric waste is a big polluter, and finding solutions to this problem can be hard if there is no profit to be made in terms of business solutions. What solutions exist as of now? Not many, but that we have the discussion is important. Especially now, like today!

Manufacturers are now considering the scraps they leave behind, they are thinking of ways to make them reusable and less stressful to our planet. Brands like H&M and Patagonia have already taken the initiative when it comes to combining recycling and fashion! So, as we go out and purchase the latest trendy item, consider if that company, or brand, has a position on fabric pollution, and, if they do, what alternatives  they offer.


An alternative offered here at Thinking Boutique is to shop with Ceibo. Hailing from Guayaquil, Ecuador, Ceibo opts for animal-friendly materials, such as polyurethane and plant-based products, when making her handbags. Maybe, take a look around and bask on her art and expression of colors while saving the environment next time that you come in!

We have to take care of our world because it is the only one we have!

If you’d like more information on the subject, please go to EarthDay.org. Meanwhile, stay awesome, and never stop learning, meeting, and shopping!

Please comment and like below if you plan on doing something for Earth Day!

  • Love, Thinking Boutique

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