Let's Talk Spring Break Fashion!

Good afternoon, beauties! In honor of the week of vacations that our society deems “Spring Break,” I have decided to devote this first official blog to spring fashion!

Disclaimer: HOWEVER, before I begin gushing about beautiful and breezy clothes that will accompany you from Spring Break to Back to School season, let me establish our platform when it comes to fashion. We will NOT tell you what to wear. As young adults, we all know what our body types are and what fits each body better; nevertheless, these guidelines DO NOT and SHOULD NOT inhibit your fashion sense. Fashion became fashion because bold, unique, and awesome people decided to go against conventions in order to express themselves. I mean, consider Coco Chanel, Yves St. Laurent, and Raul de la Riva among many others who defied social rules at the time! (All right, Raul de la Riva is from Spanish television show Velvet. However, not only do I recommend this show, but I will LITERALLY fight anyone who tells me my point does not apply to him. Just kidding ;D)

Having stated the above, let’s continue!

Now, we all know that fashion recycles itself every year. Still, this year, we have been faced with many new developments in the field of feminism. To name a few: #MeToo, Wonder Woman and Gal Gadot, #BuildingMovementsNotWalls, Saudi Arabia allowing women to drive, among so many more.

As such, on 2018, as a society, we will witness what we, here at Thinking Boutique, like to call #YearOftheWomen. With gender barriers breaking and women taking control over their lives, a phenomenon just as amazing as the Second-Wave Feminist Movement in the 1960s, fashion this year will consider self-expression and gender-bending as main components.

Predictions say that the Spring/Summer fashion collections will be heavily affected by feminism and gender equality. At Thinking Boutique, we like to stay one step ahead of the game!

Begin the 2018 Spring/Summer season with a nice romper. These pastel, flowery tones will add to the femininity of the style, yet will not take away from the slightly masculine look we want to portray. Accessorize with rough, leather handbags and a neutral black necklace. You’ll be showing off your independent style!

Next, enjoy the summer breeze with this flowy, solid navy blue romper. Not only does it defy expectations in being almost shapeless (reminiscent of the Roarin’ Twenties flappers! Am I right?), but the romper also provides a marine outlook which will definitely prove enticing once you head over to the ocean this summer. Pair it with minimalist accessories, or add some over-the-top boho accessories to symbolize your free spirit!

Last, but not least, showcase your feminine side with this beautiful dress. Although the dress features an A-line cut, the Mandarin collar and matching sleeves give the dress a stylized look, similar to that of a man’s polished, Oxford look. Match this dress with some Oxford style loafers and simple brown jewelry.

Remember, however, at Thinking Boutique, we strive to make you feel beautiful and capable. Our advice is an outline, but you write the plot to your fashion story! See you next time!

— Love, Thinking Boutique



Written by Arlette Perez Aguirre for Thinking Boutique

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