Pieces of Memories!

Costa Rican Wooden Ring

Note: When I travel I bring back with me more than memories and experiences I bring back little tokens that remind me of the places I've seen.  My love for all things local has taken me to so many amazing stores and small boutiques in small and big cities all over the world.

In 2009 we visited this adorable Central American country and it was the paradise I knew it would be. We like to go to a warm places  in March for spring break, and upon our arrival to Jaco, I knew I would fall in love with this quaint little town.

Upon arriving to the center of the town I noticed that there were vendors in small carts and one was selling handmade wooden rings. I was hooked! what a cool idea! I'm one of those girls that grew up with a mother that purchased her clothes from garage sales or discount stores like the Fire Sale in the Northside where I grew up, so I learned to have a good eye for treasures.

I saw my little treasure,  a wooden ring with a golden sun, of course it was perfect. My zodiac sign is Leo so the sun rules the Leo heart.  My love for little cute finds was kindled!

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