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4 Important Financial Tips for the Self-Employed

Being self-employed comes with its perks. You have control over your job and work schedule, and essentially — you work for yourselfData from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor found that while the number of self-employed people before and after the pandemic stayed the same, about 3.6% of workers switched from employed to self-employed during the pandemic. However, pursuing the freelancer life can be lonely and may cost you valuable mentorship, guidance, and financial advice you could otherwise get from colleagues and leaders at more conventional jobs. In today's post, we'll discuss four critical financial tips for the self-employed:

Mujeres in Entrepreneurship!: Victoria Garcia - Victoria Garcia Studios

Mujeres in Entrepreneurship!: Victoria Garcia - Victoria Garcia Studios

Nothing like having a great photographer for a friend! 

In this episode, my personal brand photographer and friend Victoria Garcia and I talk about one of my favorite subjects, photography. We discuss her journey into her profession, how she differs from other photographers, and gives a few inside tips on what makes a photographer “worth it”. We speak on many more things that come into play when you’re getting photographed, such as confidence and loving yourself. Key features in beautiful photos! 

Victoria gives some advice on becoming an entrepreneur as a woman...