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Know your Shape and wear what makes you Happy!

Women come in all shapes and sizes, but for the most part bodies fit into one of four categories. You should know your shape, know how to dress it.  However, keep in mind that no two girls are the exact same size, no size is perfect for any girl. Take these tips, but wear what makes you feel happy- and don’t be afraid of getting a tailor to make your clothes look perfect!

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Thinking Boutique Travels to Vietnam!

Zooming through Saigon on our orange Vespas took us to some unique hole in the wall joints that started with cocktails overlooking the skyline to Spring noodles. Saigon is different in so many ways from the rest of Vietnam, it is a liberating metropolis of 11 million far removed from the historically rich area of central Vietnam to the cultural conservative city of Hanoi . Of course artisan jewelry shopping was in the agenda, we returned with goodies like buffalo horn earrings, bamboo crossover bags and colorful cover ups!

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