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Vibin’ with La Mera Mera-DJ Gracie Chavez

Vibin’ with La Mera Mera-DJ Gracie Chavez

Sharing my love for music and cool vibes! 

In this episode of Vibes by Alicia, we had a special guest. DJ Gracie Chavez (better known as La Mera Mera).  We had a joyful talk about our connections with music, her history of working with music, and the things that came along with it. She spoke about working in a male dominated industry and we connected on some of our old favorites. It's always a good time to hear from women who are trying to do it all in the music industry,...

Beauty of Life | Part 2: Brittany

Beauty of Life | Part 2: Brittany

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We had a conversation about beating the odds and overcoming all the challenges that are stacked against you don't determine your outcome. 

Meet Brittany. 

She has fought through cancer, violence and coming out of welfare into making a difference in women's lives. 

I had the pleasure of speaking with Brittany, host of the "She Beats It Podcast"

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