What should you look for in a Fashion Purchase?

I'm going to give you four things to look for when in comes to a fashion purchase.  Thinking about how you decide to buy something is a big decision, we can help you find that perfect garment! 
  1. FIT The way a garment fits is the single most important feature of a purchase. Pay special attention to sleeve length and the way the garment drapes off the shoulders.  Check that it doesn't bunch at the breast area or lift up too high when you sit or bend.   Here's an extra tip;  use tailors! No one is perfect size 2, or perfect size 14. Minor alterations can make a garment look custom made and make you feel super comfy and special! Fabulous Fit
  2. MATERIAL:  Yeah we know not everyone can afford cashmere and silk, or a fabulous fur.  Nonetheless, material is important. A good test? Brush the material to your face. If you don’t break into a rash, this is suitable material. I always recommend a jersey since it will be comfortable and it travels well, plus it's also very forgiving. Remember to check the care instructions before you buy something. Jersey dress fit
  3. PRACTICALITY Ask yourself whether this piece fits into your wardrobe. Will this jacket/skirt/shirt serve its purpose? Do you have plans to use it multiple times and for various events?  Then go for it! 
  • PATTERN & COLOR These can be tricky. Not only do specific colors go in and out— which is why so many people  always buy blacks, grays and blues— patterns can flatter your figure, or completely ruin it for you.  For example, horizontal stripes and busy patterns can make a person look heavier. Likewise, if your tall, a pinstripe— which attenuated the frame — can make you look lanky. Color is hard: Bright colors draw attention to and exaggerate certain features, while neutral colors can wash out a person’s skin color. A good rule of thumb? Pick subdued patterns— you can never go wrong with light floral or a subtle pinstripe— and when it comes to color, listen to loved ones. Surely a good friend or a loved one has told you by now that you look good in certain colors, you’ll notice more compliments. Also keep in mind that white makes all skin types look glorious. Fashion blog

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