Battle of the Red Carpets Latinx Vs The World

Battle of the Red Carpets Latinx Vs The World

Battle of the Red Carpets: Hispanic Red Carpets vs. American Red Carpets

  • For this episode, we are comparing and contrasting, as well as critiquing, the fashion choices in Latinx red carpets and the fashion choices in more traditionally American red carpets. 

The Start of My 2021 Journey

The Start of My 2021 Journey

I’m always posting pictures. I’m always talking about how I like to style and how I like different types of clothes, but recently I haven’t been able to wear a lot of the clothes that I really like because I am overweight. 

This is a subject that I’m nevertheless private about, although I do talk about my workouts, and  I do like to break a sweat, and I also like to do Pilates, but I never really talk about it because I’m really not an expert at this....

2021 Style Digi-Mood Boards Galore!

We've taken the new Year very seriously, every beginning of the year we give our clients a wonderful New Year Style Refresh.  We are so ready to LEVEL UP your wardrobe and there's no better way than to take advantage of our Style Digi-Boards! 

Our activist mom Mary Ann takes comfortable casual mom looks to the next level. 

A Mood Board for our creative photographer Victoria Garcia of

Victoria Garcia Studios


Yvonne looks to change it up for the new year and gain her confidence with more color. 


Shielding your Mental Health

styling by alicia

I'm sharing a few tips to help you protect your Mental Health! 

What we read online and what we allow ourselves to watch on tv affects our overall mood and how we feel on that day.

Every day you watch the Covid numbers. Are you internalizing the magnitude of the problem, are you able to disconnect from it?

These days I talk to my boys about what they watch on TikTok or Instagram, their consumption of news is at a fast pace and may...

Creating Content while Traveling Bonus!

Creating Content while Traveling Bonus!


Well, ask and ye shall receive. I have been constantly asked about how I do it: how I travel and how I make it look so fabulous.

Welcome to the 2nd Season of Vibes by Alicia! In this season opener, we will talk about creating content while traveling and looking (but also believing it) like I am living my best life! So join me and let's dig in into the juicy details of influencer traveling and what makes the magic come true on the road!

By the way you too can become a Rent...