21 Questions

styled by alicia

  1. My guilty pleasure is… watching The Real Housewives of New York 
  2. When I’m stressed, I…listen to old Howard Stern shows!
  3. If my days had one extra hour I’d… sleep.
  4. My beauty essentials include… Rosehip essentials serum, Ilia Tinted Moisturizer, DryBar dry shampoo and conditioner, Chantecaille creamy blush in Coy.
  5. My favorite piece in my closet is… my Tamara Mellon shoes.
  6. I’m dying to splurge on… another pair of TM shoes. 
  7. ...

Beauty of Life | Part 5: Annie

Beauty of Life | Part 5: Annie


Hey there!

It's me, Annie, behind the screen, writing this.

It would be a little odd to interview myself, so I'll tell you.


I had the pleasure of interviewing these four beautiful women. There's one thing we have in common; it's the power to find something beautiful beyond whats outwardly.

I started this project with Alicia to share the beauty that lies in every woman, regardless of background. Regardless of circumstance, there is a beauty that we can find hidden in the cracks of our lives. It gives us purpose,...

Beauty of Life | Part 4: Edna

Beauty of Life | Part 4: Edna

Edna is a domestic violence survivor and an author

She is one of the most beautiful spirit I've met.


Edna here is an author, I was told briefly about your story fighting domestic violence. I am a domestic violence survivor. I was like, man, I have to know this girl. So share with me what you're about and what's your story.

I, in a nutshell, started out the open door for domestic violence was when I was little witnessing and having some abuse towards me. So you know, when you're...



I had the pleasure of speaking with this Beauty and ex-Texan Cheerleader. Today she is a gym coach and a personal trainer. 
She defines beauty for us through her eyes. 

Beauty of Life | Part 2: Brittany

Beauty of Life | Part 2: Brittany

powerful black women blush blazer travel tee beautiful fashion stylish

We had a conversation about beating the odds and overcoming all the challenges that are stacked against you don't determine your outcome. 

Meet Brittany. 

She has fought through cancer, violence and coming out of welfare into making a difference in women's lives. 

I had the pleasure of speaking with Brittany, host of the "She Beats It Podcast"

Wearing (Boss Babe Blush Blazer, Worldly Travel Tee)



My story is the...