Querido Papá/Dear Dad is a valuable tool for fathers and daughters searching to build and improve their relationships. Alicia Araujo Elatassi, with over 15 years as an educator and a Master's degree in Educational Administration, recounts her upbringing in a Hispanic family and shares personal insights in bilingual, easy to read chapters. Along with helpful advice and tips, Querido Papá includes insightful lessons for both dads and daughters on the topics that matter most in family relationships, including finding a connection, maintaining communication, fostering inspiration, approaching sexuality and discovering independence. 

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“Querido Papá is an excellent and helpful book not only to young girls as they grow and mature, but also for their fathers who love them and protect them.”

—Dr. Bill Flores, President University of Houston Downtown”


““Alicia’s book is an incredible guide for fathers and daughters to foster a great relationship!”

—Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia”


““I hope many fathers will read and enjoy this dual-language book.”

—Andrea White, Former First Lady of Houston and Author


“How lucky for present and future generations of fathers and daughters that Alicia Elatassi and her own wonderful father have taken the time to thoughtfully present some of their own experiences as a practical, accessible, and inspiring series of “lessons” for father-daughter pairs. You’ll find their advice more than helpful, more than reasonable, and more than fun. It is deeply, deeply healing in a world that sorely needs the healing of relationship within families.

—Sarah Cortez, Author of Windows into My World: Latino Youth Write Their Lives”